What is a Medieval Costume?
(For excellent photographs of costumes go to Museum Replicas and click on Men's or Women's Clothing)
Tips to Sewing
Medieval Costumes
How to Make a
Medieval Costume
Links to
Medieval Costumes
Construction Tips
What Should I Wear?
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Medieval Hats
and Hair Styles
Make It Authentic Getting Prepared Basic Patterns
Medieval Clothing Links to Costumes Pattern Pictures
Woman's Headdress How to Make a
Veil & Circlet
Easy Men's Hats
A Simple Dress Women's Costumes
(Scroll Down for Patterns)
Simple Pointy Shoes
Dark Ages Dress
The Renaissance Tailor
Okay, Not Middle Ages, but
a Really Good Web Site
15th Century
Hints for Medieval Clothing

Greek Costumes
The Greeks Don't
Wear Togas
The No-Sew Chiton Description of
Greek Clothing
How to Make
Greek Armor
Make a Chiton for a Boy (pdf)
Make a Chiton for a Girl (pdf)
Greek Footwear
and Hair Coverings
A Greek
Woman's Dress
Greek Helmets
and Accessories
Greek Armor
Woman's Chiton
and Peplos
Greek Chiton Ancient Greek
Greek Theater Doric & Ionic
Women's Clothing
Who Wants to Be a Greek Millionaire?

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